The Fotophreak Model of the Week

People usually think “the nice guy” is the best guy, the perfect one, the boys who have their entire life together. Those who don’t do drugs or get stoned. Who go to church and dress decently. So anyone would understand why I fell for you hopelessly. But for some reason these perfections were your undoing. You were just too nice, too polite to the extent that it made you afraid of taking risks or hurting me…which is normal in all relationships for people to disagree once in a while. Your biggest asset became your downfall. Like a gentleman that you were, you eased your way out of my life. Thinking it was for my own good, I know you didn’t intend to hurt me, but you did anyway.

I have always been an independent person. Mama raised me right, that’s what you used to say. She taught me to aim high in life and to relate well with everyone. And dad too was a good example, from him i knew exactly what to look for in my Mr Right. I was wise enough to avoid bad boys. So when I met you I gave it my all because I knew immediately you had what it took. But maybe being the first born daughter was a set back in a way coz i had to learn from my own mistakes and thus the precautions I took were not enough.

You were such a great nice guy, very different from all the rest. And i owe you…for teaching me to be less cynical on the aspect of love. You showed me that not all guys are selfish and spoilt. You restored my hope for romance and while it lasted it turned out to be some of my best memories. I reminisce how a beautiful couple we were. How we would talk for hours endlessly and shared dreams and inside jokes. You were my better half and I was yours. It felt like we were meant to be.

When you left I was devastated. It didn’t catch me by surprise though, I had seen the signs when you began to drift away. You didn’t even have a good reason as to why you were leaving, something about you being not good enough…but i never complained, did I ?You broke me all the same. But most importantly you taught me about life and love than i ever imagined. Eventually I picked up the pieces and held strongly to the lessons learnt…that loving someone was possible, and okay, as long as i loved myself first. So to the boy that broke me temporarily, but fixed me permanently: from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Mr Nice Guy…



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