The Fotophreak Model of the Week

You spend nights on the cold streets
Waiting for someone in a car to stop by
You hop in off you go into some room
Throws a couple of dollars and he’s gone
Sometimes meet with arrogant ones who don’t even pay and rather mistreat you
Don’t you think your life is more than just that?
Don’t you crave for the sincere kisses?
The lost moments in a touch
And maybe cuddle thereafter
Don’t you miss that?

The peace of mind
You must feel cold and forgotten
Art always remembers you
It’s here to keep you warm
There to talk to you when you’re depressed
All is not lost
There’s a storm you can stir inside you
Wreck your nerves and change your whole perspective on life
Your life is more than just a couple of notes
Chase what you want or let failure define you
You’ll be surprised with what life can offer.
Don’t you know your worth?
Don’t you have self love?
Don’t you ever sit and think you deserve better than this?
You regret and build hate within
Sit and curse wishing for something better
Pain becomes a constant feeling

A couple of notes that will later be forgotten in years
At times pretend to be happy with what you have but deep down you know you’re lonely and sad
And you find a reason to blame it on life
That’s the only thing you do to feel better
Life is not all about what it gives you
Life is what you find,take and keep
All the love and happiness not the pain and regrets
You can change that
Don’t let the darkness in your soul take over
Do something you’re proud of
Build a better foundation for your generation
Do something your children will be proud of
You’re more valuable than those dollars that are given to you after a dreadful encounter
Don’t just wish
Try harder and hope
Rule your life.



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