The Fotophreak Model of the Week

I walked down the bushy foot path,
Looking over my shoulders
With each passing second; fear took a hold on me
My feet, tired and dusty
Riddled with blisters told a tale
A tale of great distance,
A tale of deep memories
A tale of regrets and bad decisions

I kept walking, so fast almost running
But the dark shadows seemed faster
Nothing, not even my complains and screams
Could deter them
The path
The path I took seemed to work against me
The darkness
The darkness blinded my way ahead
I stepped on stones and pebbles
And nails and thorns
But I kept running

Darkness enveloped me
Fatigue set in
Fear overwhelmed me
I tripped, not sure on what
The shadows caught up,
And I screamed
And wishes in regret filled my mind
Memories mattered no more
And the shadows laughed
The shadows mocked



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