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An expanding belly, enlarged uterus, expanded waistline, increased breast size, stretch marks, varicose veins, thicker and fuller hair, acne and enlarged feet can make dressing a nightmare, for pregnant women. Dressing for different stages is crucial for any pregnant woman. One should also factor in personal style and comfort when selecting their dressing.
A recommended list of outfits that any pregnant woman can have in their wardrobes, include and are not limited to;

I) Stretchy Leggings
Maternity tights can be a classy and trendy outfit. They are adjustable and can stretch freely. However, they can irritate varicose veins in pregnancy. Mothers can select those specifically designed to fit a baby bump. Those that have no pressure on the stomach are ideal.

II) Open-faced Cardigans, Blazers and coats
It is perceived that an open-faced cardigan, blazer or coat that goes way past your hip creates an element of elongation. Jackets, cardigans, coats, and blazers due to their versatility can go with anything.
Fitted cardigans that lightly hug one’s body make one appear polished and can be paired with a button-up shirt, spaghetti strap or turtleneck. A loose-fitting cardigan or jacket is often associated with a casual look. A longline cardigan brings out a casual look. A rounded turned down collar of a blazer or sweater gives a stylish and polished look. Cardigans worn on top of a T-shirt or shirt bring out a casual or official look.

III) Maxi Dresses
A maxi dress is a flowing long dress that falls to one’s ankle or the floor and compliments a woman’s silhouette. Most maxi dresses are fitting at the top and flow freely towards the waist and hips. A maxi dress can be official, chic, trendy, casual or classy depending on how you wear it.

A maxi dress that extends to the floor can cover stretch marks and varicose veins on one’s feet. A free maxi dress is also baby bump-friendly and provides comfort to an expanding waistline and belly.

Depending on the neckline, pattern, colour and baby bump, expectant mothers can enhance this type of outfit by accessorizing with a jacket, belt, jewelry, a stylish hat, flat sandals or open shoes.

Pregnant mothers should select maxi dresses based on their pregnancy body types. Curvy or plus size women should go for maxi dresses with darker shades that are fitting at the waist level. Petite women can pick high waistline dresses. Hourglass shapes can look good in any design. Pear-shaped can wear maxi dresses that have bright colours on the top and darker shades towards the lower hip. A busty expectant mother should look for V-shaped neckline dresses or wider strapped dresses and avoid chokers and long necklaces while accessorizing.

IV) Loose Tops, Oversized T-shirts and Wrap Tops
Expectant mothers can wear an oversized T-shirt or top over dungaree dresses or shorts, tucked in and paired with flats, sneakers, chic simple heels or sandals. An oversized T-shirt provides comfort style to a growing baby bump while giving a sophisticated look to an expectant mom. A bracelet, handbag, scarf or hat can complement this kind of look. An oversized T-shirt when paired with a blazer gives a laid-back look. Skinny jeans with a combination of funky sunglasses can enhance the look.

An oversized off-shoulder look T-shirt that flaunts one’s toned shoulders can also make one look trendy and sharp.Wrap tops are simple and comfortable to wear. They are stylish and flattering to a woman’s body. They can be used during the pregnancy and after.

Fashion is important for pregnant mothers, but safety and comfort is equally important. Expectant mothers should guard against tripping with floor-skimming maxi dresses. Stunning and sassy heels should not feature in a pregnant woman’s wardrobe. Too skinny and tight-fitting looks that strain the baby bump are a no-no. Pants that strain the waistline and restrict blood flow are a no-no. Maternity outfits should give allowance for an expanding belly and increasing waistline.



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