The world has been put to a gradual halt by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic that has seen increased numbers of infections and deaths since the year began.
Kenya has had its fair share of Corona virus infections with the numbers soaring by the day. It is however the news of teenage pregnancies during this period that has shocked Kenyans after statistics came out on the number of school going girls who had been impregnated.
It is estimated that close to 4,000 girls have been impregnated during the COVID19 lockdown that had been imposed in Kenya after the first few cases of the Corona Virus were recorded. Out of the 4,000 girls, about 200 of them are aged 14 years and below.

This is a worrying trend as parents have to be more vigilant with their children after the Ministry of education announced that schools are likely to open next year (2021) due to the virus. If this number go up higher it will mean that around 12% of school going girls will not resume their studies after the schools reopen after COVID19.

It is also evident from the reports that older mature men are the cause of the increasing number of teenage pregnancies with some of them being close relatives to the girls.
Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege proposed that there is need for a new law that would see mandatory castration of sexual offenders so as to put a stop to those wishing to destroy the young girls future. She further added that there was need to amend the sexual offences Act of 2006 as it was lenient to sexual offenders.

Teenage pregnancies in Kenya have been on the rise since the start of COVID19 pandemic
Teenage pregnancies in Kenya have been on the rise since the start of COVID19 pandemic

Going forward, it is the sole duty of the parent to ensure that they protect and teach their young girls about the disadvantages of early pregnancies. Apart from ruining the young girls future, early pregnancies may also have health effects on both the young girl and the baby.
Relationships are important, and it is human nature to stay active socially but as a young girl, one needs to practice abstinence and have clear principals of what it is you aim at achieving in the future.
As a parent, it is also your role to know what your kids are watching, reading or listening to as the social media easily influences teenagers. You should also create a bond between yourself and your child. Strive to have a relationship that is affectionate and also firm in discipline. Talk to them often about sex and dating and discourage them from indulging in early sexual intercourse.



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