You came into this life
You gave me hope,I survived
You presence turned darkness into light
You smile turned my frown into a smile.
You turned my worries into sheer delight
But above all
You light up my life
You have it all,I shall not ask even for a bit more
You whispered passionate words into my ears
Message that brought my heart crushing,close to tears
The burning sensation in your eyes could melt an iceberg
Your magnetic grip held me
Binding our hearts to last for all eternity
My soul saw your soul as a mate
Waiting for you this lifelong make the better part
Your heart and mine intertwined
You are always in my mind in love thoughts
Of passionate caresses,kisses and happy hours
Oooh,we kill the moment with a love song
Stuck on each other till the end of times
But that lifetime is still not enough
With our hearts embracing each other,let’s fly to the moon



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