The Fotophreak Model of the Week

These days, everyone is in a hurry to get to something or somewhere. Submit an assignment, meet a deadline or even get to the market before prices hike. The difference comes in with the diverse wants and needs humanity has. An artist is really good at art thus chasing after accounts might be a wrong turn of events. Interests are assorted and we are all good at something. The only person hindering you from what you want most is you. What could be more true?

Getting a hold of what we want takes determination and self believe. Comparison nevertheless seems to get in the way of trusting the process. “This little light of mine I am gonna make it shine” (hope you sang it through). Make it shine was an epic nursery rhyme. The nursery teacher would start off and the whole nursery class would sing along in high pitched enthusiastic voices.

Countlessly misspelling the words without even having to care a little bit. Everything was as perfect as it could be. Taking things deeper, we actually sang for our light but did the presentation as a class. Believing in our own strengths helps us realize what separates us from where we want to be. Thus, nurturing our own light begins with an individual with the help of those around you. There is no doubt that we know ourselves best.
All the same, every light shines brightly then again with a lot of effort. Who you are and want to be is determined by the effort we put up and not by comparing your own process to others. Of every name comes a great impact. Make your name have the best impact at all times.



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