The Fotophreak Model of the Week

Doing you? Routines take away our uttermost interest blindly. That Sunday evening Chama relaxing with your girlfriends, choosing what to wear, reading that harry potter series afresh? Friday night at your favorite joint or just a stroll around Karura. Contrary to that, the society has put up responsibilities for us to adhere to. Get married by twenty-six, three babies by thirty and the tales go on and on, hardly getting a moment of recollection. This goes on and on till it’s too late to change anything. Apparently, yesterday I baked a cake for the first time, it has actually been my dream to bake. The cake baked so nice and the bliss in my eyes could tell it all. But “it was too sweet”!!!

It was a disappointment because they didn’t appreciate the cake the way I’d expected. They wanted a cake as perfect as that of a great baker. It made me hurt honestly. Before I slept though, my friend posted this and it made me feel way better. “When your head hits the pillow tonight, remind yourself that you’ve done a good job. Be patient with yourself, and remember that big things are achieved not all at once, but a day at a time.” The fulfillment in my heart was pure hope and pride.

Whatever it is that you like and enjoy take it up. Baby steps till you make it. It is popularly said a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. That one hour to crocheting, ninety minutes to learning your way through the decks, thirty minutes to learning why a cow eats green grass but produces white milk. It will all pay. And when your head hits the pillow remind yourself that you have done a good job. All the same someone had to say it did it once more “chuckles” have a great week lovelies.



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