The Fotophreak Model of the Week

i walked into a bar and ordered a bottle of liqour gulped a few mouthfuls in a bid to  overcome the guilt and voice in  my head. Misery had gotten the best of me and i tried my best to shuffle my thoughts and clear my head but failed .Few girls made passes but my thoughts and spirit were not in the mood for fun, not the least. I drank till I felt like my head buzz .The bartender, an attractive  young lady said “Honey I think you’ve had enough”.  I burped in acceptance staring at the eight bottles on my side. I got up almost losing my balance but managed to walk. The walk home was quite a scene as I sang all the way merrily happy, I had escaped my worries . Short of breath I collapsed in an alley a block from my apartment .My phone rang, I didn’t even care who was calling. I tried getting up was unable to. I curled up and slept but a hand was struggling to  lift me up. I tried to see but my eyesight was a little blurry. I resisted initially but he was strong .I heard a car start and move .

I woke up with a throbbing headache that morning, gathered my mind together and assessed my environment . I  was at my house .I heard some noise from the kitchen and went to see who it was “Shanice??”   I said holding my head .The last person I expected to see. I could feel my misery go a foot deeper .”Hey sleepy head” she answered cooking some eggs . I walked back to the couch and lay down “Does she know?No if she did it would be all hell “I knew Shanice was a drama queen. If she ever caught wind of my mess peace would be cosmic; a make believe that would never come true until she had had her fill of torture . I couldn’t say I loved her, ours was just what normal couples do hang out and hours of steamy bedroom affairs. Calling it a relationship was a far fetch.We had breakfast  but I had a bite and kept twirling my fork over my bacon and eggs. Food made me think of Trace, her appetite for food was unabated. In a day she could eat more than nine times .I stared at my bacon and flashed back how trace would make them dry and crispy enjoying every bite she took feeding me some.

Trace teased me with her foot cutting off my reverie .Having been dating for a month I saw Shanice from a different scope. Besides being annoying at times she was a good girl; playful ,lovely funny and very corky . After breakfast I sat on the couch watching ESPN when Shanice came and stood in front of the screen “I’m watching that!! There she stood in a bikini  I threw the remote control away and pulled her closer .She sat on my lap and we kissed intensely like it was our last breathe. I lifted her and carried her to the bed  .The first few minutes were great  slow love making and kissing till my thoughts flashed to trace ,I started pumping harder with anger and remorse. Since we were in the lotus position she must have felt it as I went deeper “Babe! bae ! “She tapped my shoulder. I  drifted off my trance to meet inquisitive eyes”What’s wrong ??You were about to tear me into half” “Nothing” I faked a smile kissing her as I left the bed .My phone rang and I picked it up caller id TRACE!! I quickly answered hello Dylan I got your message  can we talk??  “Yes when and when?? I asked eagerly ,,,




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