The Fotophreak Model of the Week

idressed up in haste and kissed Shanice  goodbye but she only grunted as she was fast asleep .I walked out headed for the Pizza inn cafe  two blocks away. My thoughts were a blur as I kept thinking of what to say to Trace . I  Words of late had become water in a desert I couldn’t find the perfect sentence  to start or talk to her. I recalled those days when I was poetic and wrote verses about anything that came to mind,  Trace loved to read them  she would even fake tears just to show how heartfelt they were. A fake smile erupted but I grit my teeth to hide it. I had arrived, my courage had faded and by the time our eyes met through the window going back wasn’t an option. I went for the door and got in she  sat about three tables ahead sipping her coffee ,I observed for a while before I came out of my reverie and walked ahead to where she sat “Dylan !!” She stood up hugging me tightly  than ever. We stood for some minutes intertwined closely together “I missed you a great deal ” All I could do was breathe deeper  a long sigh stroking her hair, celebrating now would be a far fetch. The tears were on their way I could feel it.

We sat down and ordered coffee with cake . “Ive been thinking about what happened and I think we should discuss this, we can’t pretend it didn’t happen, it has haunted me since that day “Sipping my coffee and looking at Trace to to see her reaction. A long silence followed, her grim look disappeared and a huge  smile came up  “That was the most mind blowing sex I have ever had !! I must say your stamina is tremendous “Trace busted excitedly .I felt like a boxer knocked out by mike Tyson; a parent looking at her wayward daughter who has done a mistake and seems easy .My mind was a tangled spider web was about to say “Whaat! Were you even listening ?? My whole life is a mess and all you can do is,,,,”.”That is not going to happen again okay ?? It stays a one time thing  ” I managed to say .Looking at Tracey’s eyes I saw lust and desire for more and I knew this was going to be the beginning of the end for me. Trace knew me inside out if I slipped  even  a bit she would hunt forever till she got what she wanted .

She started tickling me with her feet and I almost choked on my cake “How about you have two cakes in one day ?Hunh? ” She said biting her finger “Knock it off Tee what we did was a mistake and you know it ,lets keep things as they are.” “Come on Dylan just one more night, one more I promise i won’t disturb again or adding some icing to the cake lets make it a threesome me ,you and Shaney.” I looked at her in horror, I quickly paid the bill and left in haste  leaving her with an evil smirk on her face .By the time I got home Shanice had left and I felt relieved as I dropped on my couch .I could not believe that Trace had morphed overnight to such kind of a lustrous woman. I drifted to sleep sooner. Morning about nine a.m. I got up and headed for the shower. I was soaping up when soft hands engulfed me and we went into deep kissing. I lifted her to my waist and I begun thrusting harder and harder  thinking it was Shanice  only for the water to open my eyes” Trace !!??”



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