at about a quarter to four as usual  we were  chilling in my apartment  playing the new  edition of FIFA with Tracey or as I liked to call her Trace or Tee. She  had been my childhood love ,best friend ,sister and a girl I had grown to love with every red blood cell of my being. On the table was two packets of pizza and two litres of soda blackcurrant. On  the background played Justin Timberlake’s ‘Not a bad thing’ to fall in love with me .I looked at her and stuck my tongue out “You are going down !!” “We shall see “She said back .She was about to score when I snatched away her pad making her lose the ball. She looked at me angrily and started punching my shoulder “You lose ” I said amid laughter. She folded her arms and pouted staring into the screen. “That’s unfair”. I pulled her close and we snuggled on the couch”. Sorry now you know no matter what I love you “, kissing her dark hair ,she nodded and came more closer. I hadn’t realized how much time had gone till I checked my phone .”Hey its time to get you home “She grunted in disappointment and uncurled as she headed for the door with a pizza in hand. I escorted her and made sure she boarded a bus home .

On that Saturday there was a party at her friends house so I showed just in time as the party was at its peak.Trace showed up with a plastic cup of alcohol and hugged me tight “You made it! ” “I certainly did” I replied snatching the cup from her hand sipping “Bloody mary!!Nice “. Trace led me to the dance floor for some grind and a bit of lap dance after which  found myself a spot in the kitchen near the fridge and sipped my drink, enjoying the music watching people dance .A girl in a blue micro mini walked to the fridge her curves almost made me choke on my drink as I jumped down and made for the kill .She took a bottle of vodka and was about to go when I blocked her way pinning her to the fridge. “What you think about me taking you down you know,,, be your man when yours isn’t around “I said running my finger down her cleavage  and chest .She pulled me close by my jacket and kissed my neck.

Suddenly i heard “Dylan” I turned to the voice and there stood my girlfriend Shanice and Trace” You’re  despicable “Shanice turned leaving with I running after her .My efforts to get her to stop were futile and when I did  she shouted “Dylan am done okay its over ” walking away. I walked back to the party feeling miserable than ever. I took a bottle of vodka from the fridge and took one large gulp. I trotted around the house and found an empty room and dropped on the bed lazily. I had just been dumped !!I took another large gulp till I heard my head spin then I heard a knock. “Go away “I answered ,Trace let herself in and from the she walked I could tell she was drunk.She hoisted herself on the bed ” I’m sorry I didn’t know. ” I rolled over and looked at her. “Its not your fault “, I  said. She took the vodka from me and was  about to sip when I snatched it away. “You’ve had  enough for today “Hey give it back ” .In our struggle our lips brushed caught up in the moment we stared at each other and kissed again deeply this time ,,KEEP READING…Campus diaries Episode 6-A Lost Friend Part 2




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