Dear Catch,
I begin this letter with plenty greetings and appreciation for the impact you’ve made by being in my life. I not only loved you but also your place that is as good as its name , Kizurini. Despite the heavy rains that fell your place is still great. The people at your place are so welcoming they offer me too much hospitality; made so suspicious that I feel guilty and blame my society where one can not be good to you without certain motives. In fact I not only enjoyed your company but that of your people. I found it funny to see people still share a meal in one big plate and share word as a family. Dear don’t be surprised to find at our place everyone at his phone and no word to the other . Meeting you was God given. So my Love Winnie Kwekwe as we learn each others odd similarities just try running digital and analog waves together and see your results
Yours in love
© Erick Kitheka



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