An abused woman is no new story, women get abused every day. As we are considered the weaker set, it is no surprise to find a woman either sexually, physically or emotionally abused. It is a serious problem in the world which is why I’ve decided to share my story. To help other women know that they do not suffer alone and hopefully spread some awareness. Mine is no usual story, I do not posses any scars from the man involved. My cuts run deep to my hear.

I met my soul mate in school, at first I was not that crazy about him until one day I had fallen so hard I had forgotten what standing up felt like. He was magical, like a dream come true. Of course he had his flaws but I knew I could cope with them; after all nobody is perfect. Since I am too young to get married, I made frequent visits to his place, it was nothing fancy but I was okay with it for I had never been one to judge based on material possession.

As couples normally do, we had our first fight, it was about sex. I honestly did not think it was a big deal, I was unwell and was not feeling especially frisky that day but I assured him that I would be good to go the following day. I expected him to be concerned with my health but it is not what I got. On the contrary, I think he heard nothing except the word `no`. I went home thinking he was okay but boy was I wrong!

In the bus, I decided to check my WhatsApp messages because I had the tendency to forget everything and everyone else when I was with him. Fourteen messages, eight from him. I opened them quickly, because I sensed something wrong. There were the hurtful texts of how I didn’t love him anymore, how I was going to leave him soon and how he was afraid that I was loosing interest. Does he know how to play his cards or what?

It was an easy trap to fall into, I tried to defend myself but he wouldn’t let it go. ‘I don’t care how sick I am babe, I would do anything for you even if I were dying. It doesn’t feel like you are as committed as I am (insert that sad emoji). I felt guilty, it would never happen again I assured him. He was okay and I was relieved even though I had unknowingly opened up Pandora’s little evil box.




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