Who knows?
You might be denying future leaders good health,
The leaders who will not care much about wealth,
But leaders who will rule with wisdom and civilization,
And give back to the society as an appreciation.

Who knows?
You might be putting an Einstein behind bars,
Or maybe a Ben Carson of another class,
Think twice, don’t rush,
Don’t make decisions that are harsh.

Lives are lost by the minute,
Families are torn, but you can’t see it,
People won’t be alive to follow the “Laws”,
If nobody shows care to answer their calls.

They only seek medical attention,
From the ones with medical education,
But all hope is lost,
Because it’s like they are talking to ghosts.

Take charge Mr In Charge,
Save the lives that are dying in large,
You took away the qualified ones,
Now heal the people from their cries!



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