The Fotophreak Model of the Week

Today is another nice day
Clouds bring down storm on my face
When I remember this day
It is what it is
Mothers day
A day of love
A day of roses for mama
But then
To me this day is different
Today is but anniversary
The stars shinning grow dim
The sun rays fall in beams
And my face fall so low
I feel forlon
Ohh! What about mama
Today is her day
Today I want to call you the best
Sing you lullaby as you did to me
This day
Same tick on the clock
But ten decade behind the curtain
Mama said goodbye
On my hands as I watched
Her bleed profusely
Out of a blow from the harsh landlord
Who demanded his dues
Nobody dared question
The tough military man
By the time they were on mamas rescue
Mama said goodbye
Here I am
A child of the universe
Raised by street life
But today I sneaked to your graveside
With a wreath
Just to remember that
Mama said goodbye
And also tell
Happy mother’s day



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