It was not a mere poem
It was an expression of my heart
It was moulting from the cocoon of shyness.
It an inspired flow of words
That praised beauty
It spill blood
From my heart bleeding of love
Yearning to speak out
The blood that sealed this bond
Of me and poetry
It touched the sky
Scooped into the earths core
And sank into the ocean bed
It had wings and flew
Sky rocketed to the galaxy and milkyway
It was my first poem
My first strike of the pen
I dedicated it to Gladys
My first crush
Talked of my peaceful house
Of four chambers and vibrating walls
And my endless love for her
It was sort of lyrics
Sort of a letter
And also a poem
Whether a sonnet or wherever
I know not
A Shakespeare may not be
But then I know
It was a poem
My first love expression
My first poem



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