The Fotophreak Model of the Week

Last Friday was one of those weekends or days a man would dread in their life ;when confronted by a woman after she discovers your mischievous ways. I was in the hot  seat with  three  girls and quizzed about why men cheat .One of the girls had gotten a tipoff that her man was cheating so she confronted him but he denied it, though her doubts were not fully quenched.”Why cheat on me ?? I cook, i clean, sex is more often .Yet he cheats ” she says between sobs  .The brown one in  a blue dress that was showed acres and acres of thigh asked with a hard look “Why cheat with all this (pointing at her curvy body ) all I did was shrug and give a blank stare .
I walked home thinking how superficial those girls were; they think cheating is having a sex outside relationships ,,, cheating is anything you do that you wouldn’t like or want your partner to find you doing behind their backs. That anonymous person you chat with, the one you flirt with that person whose advances you tolerate . Cheating starts with thoughts ,an insecure or  bottled up feelings , like a journey to find yourself  and your position in a relationship  .If you begin to think of  another person other than your partner you will finally cheat.
Ironically we know it’s wrong but we tread down that road anyways knowing the effects it will bring  thinking to ourselves what they don’t know so It won’t hurt them right?

We come home after banging our mistress or mister, to our hubby or wife and get to bed like nothing happened .That time you are unsure of who you are you stare blankly at the mirror but your face is unfamiliar. You don’t know who you are anymore .You were unsure about yourself before  but infidelity has gored your wound of misidentify deeper.Cheating has become your cover up for not reaching to your significant other about your bottled up feelings your insecurity  or lack of courage to ask where your relationship is headed and find out where you stand .

If you are lucky and karma doesn’t catch up with you and expose your little fling; you get to realize and understand what your relationship means to you . You finally are able to openly talk to your hubby, wife boy/girlfriend about your feelings and thoughts .You save yourself the shift from paradise to a hell on earth .

Control your thoughts before they lead you astray. Make sure your relationship is an active on where both of you can find consolation in another .Silence makes the other partner feel lost, invisible and likely to cheat.



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