breakfast was served with much love ,an aura of sexiness and kissing here and there.Eve felt like she was on cloud nine. All through the weeks of desolateness, finally her only love was home ,,a dream come true the joybof  barren woman giving birth .She stared at him across as he devoured his breakfast ;bread, bacon, eggs and coffee  his fav combination. Eve biting her finger playfully lifted her foot and traced tony’s leg with her toe up to nether-land making tony wince and almost choking with excitement.

She gave a wicked smile and purred “You want a piece of this ? Holding a bacon and tracing it down her chest to her stomach and back .Tony sat  up  enjoying the show like a guest awaiting introduction to a territory he knew well ,,,Eve came round the table  to where tony sat having turned his chair facing her.What was to come Tony had anticipated. Eve was a wild woman when it came to sex; her creativity surpassed his imagination and he loved every moment of it .She lap danced on him ,he turned her around for a deep kiss, he lifted her and collapsed on the couch caressing and touching slowly but tenderly then stopped to look into Eve’s eyes .She stared back “I’ve missed this ,you, us  these moments “touching his jaw .

Tony knew what she said was true, he laid his head on her chest “The king is back so be happy dear queen and he ain’t  leaving soon “. He took his iPod and played Forever by Chris Brown a song Eve had introduced to him and with time he grew to love. He stood up put his arms around her and lifted her towards the bedroom ,,to be continued




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