The Fotophreak Model of the Week

I sit here…
Enjoying the sight of its majesty
From above, where I sit
The grounds look peaceful
Silky grass and sculptured buildings
It’s all perfect.
They walk out
Suits in all kinds of hues
Mostly parliament blue
Their laughs
A piercing pain in the heart,
Shaking hands
As they step into luxurious machines
A thought…
How easy it is to be them,
Lie to the common folk
Promises sweet just to raise the heat
A thought…
How easy it is to be them,
Raise the heat and watch us burn
In their cool corners
A thought…
Insane unknowingly
As we swam in seeming sanity
We paid accolades to sheep’s promises
As wolves schemed
Hiding in our accolades
Elephants laughing at burning bushes
The cycle is about to start again
The same promises…
The same heat
And as sheep in need of a shepherd
We watch as wolves take the frontline
A thought…
The insanity in this sanity
Is that we will feed the wolves
As the sheep make their promises
And cheer on in our sanity.



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