They are now old
but the knowledge in them is still bold.
I needed new ones but what exactly do I need new?
Is it the knowledge or the books maybe the dew.
I sit to type only to get notified that there is a class
that is about to take place so I become fragile like glass.

If I move from the place that I am in, then I will have to
go to another place and start typing it again then I will fail to
complete what I wanted to do. If I go to another place to type
what I was originally typing, then I would not recall everything so I would loose hype.
Had I written the poem on an exercise book, then I would just go to another place
and start typing again while reading from the exercise book.

Right now I am still on the hook
because I forgot to carry the book.
Or maybe I failed to buy it because
I rarely have one, the books that I have bear names like Rick Ross
So I think I will have to carry my cross.
But I am not Jesus Christ.

If I were, then I would have carried one like sprite.
So for now, I strive to come up with ideas some which are not right.
The more prepared you are, the more comfortable you will be
but apparently I was not prepared so I am not as busy as a bee.
The bee stings but a prepared mind stings more, it stings on the
keyboard of the computer and makes it produce great words that are greater than the

red sea which is not red but just has a name so do
not be red in the face that is do not blush but do
your work to the level best, I got the ideas but
they need to be put down on an exercise book which is flat.
The book prepares you so that when the time for typing comes, your ideas will be put on a computer like a hat
is placed on the head.

Make sure your talent is not dead
The exercise book helps you make your poems sweet like bread.
If the poems are bread, then they don’t need to be placed on the computer
because bread is food and food should not be placed near a computer.
So the ideas should remain on the book but they need to be put on a computer and sent to a magazine like fotophreak magazine
so make sure your ideas still remain in the exercise book even after you have typed them so that you don’t loose the feeling.

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