Kiss me tender with those plumpy pinky lips
That taste like cherries and melon sweet
Give me that kiss that’s steamy yet sophisticated
A kind that frees a soul that has long been baited

I want to drink to the deliciousness of your lips tonight
Look into my eyes and tell me it’s alright
Every inch of your mouth I want to explore

I want to get the sweetness of it and more
Kiss me let me feel the softness of your skin
Give me a a chance tonight and let me in
And for once let’s forget of the discomfort within

Kiss me with those lips that deliver sweet moans
Let us dive through the passion of our own
Close those brown eyes and give me a kiss
Take me to the fairies and moments of bliss

Let your mouth linger in mine and let the kiss last
Kiss me with passion,love and quench my thirst
Squeeze my skin like the way you squeeze lime
And when our lips touch heaven frozes in time

Kiss me with those fine lips that smile so bright
I promise that I will do you right
Just do me a favor and kiss me tonight



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