It was about 4:30pm in the evening when I boarded a public transport vehicle to take me home. As a norm to us the millennials, our routine is to usually put on headphones as soon as we take up a seat, but this day was different. On the background, the vehicle had tuned in on a popular radio station which had a thrilling evening show that is aired with the aim of reconciling couples and restoring their marriages.

Is the LGBTQ Community Kenya Secluded on Radio Talk Shows? Read on…
My fellow passengers had cocked their ears ready to listen to any fella who’d call and spew his or her problems live on air. For sure a call came in and this caller spewed her marital life saying that her husband bed game is a zero. This caused a laugh from the radio hosts and also to my fellow passengers. The radio hosts then invited the audience to call in and offer their opinions on the issue at hand.
This got me thinking of how the whole show is a monotonous cycle day in day out. This is because all that the show does is help advice straight couples, that is between a man and a woman. Yes you heard me right. We can’t be oblivious to the fact that gay marriages exist too. What if a caller wants to be offered assistance on his marriage troubles but instead of talking about the issue between him and his wife he talks about him and his husband?

Is it that the LGBTQ Community in Kenya don’t face any difficulty or do we just seclude them since they are not like other people? I have never had a gay person call in to be offered a solution on their marital problems. One of the reasons this why this maybe happening is because they may be afraid that when they call in, the subject matter will change from being offered a solution or advice, to why they are gay.
They fear being bombarded with gruesome questions and having to explain themselves to the already self-proclaimed “holy people.” Who said being straight was the default setting of every human being? Who said people that are actually gay choose to be gay? People don’t understand that you don’t choose to be gay or straight, period.
Lil nas x a very popular artist who is openly gay, released a song that has caused mixed reactions globally. The song in question has its video shot in “hell”. This did not sit well with some people, who saw  it was wrong for him to do that. The fierce singer did not back off as in one of his social media accounts he wrote, “Ya’ll love telling gay people we going to hell, then get mad when I decide to go?”

I mean this is a celebrity who gets bashed for being part of the LGBTQ Community. How about a commoner who just wants some piece of advice then instead of being helped he or she is trolled for being the way they are. We have to stop judging others as we are all equal in God’s eyes.
This monotony of only straight couples calling in on radio talk shows season come season go should STOP. We want to hear people from the LGBTQ also airing out their problems as this is a diverse universe so, radio stations should embrace diversity too.

“Next stop is South B”, I had the conductor alerting people. I reverie back to my senses as I got ready to alight from the vehicle.

What has your experience been like with the LGBTQ Community? Do you find the sentiments shared on this article to be true? What do you think can be done about this situation?



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