we are told college will be the best four years of your life and everyone wishes they could go back. Plus who wants to live with regrets? I have been out of school and in the “real world” for some months now. While I try not to dwell on the past too much because that makes me depressed, but when I do I always focus on the things that I wish I had done. The things I wish someone had told me to do, pay attention to because this was the time to learn. If you follow these simple tips, I promise you will have an amazing time in college.

1. Not joining a club/society

College is probably the last time that you are able to easily try out different activities. The best way to meet people in your campus is to get involved. Participating in clubs eg maths club, AISEC, music club, finance club etc on campus bill make you feel more involved and also expose you to other like minded people. It is also the first time that you’ve had the freedom that comes with being an adult and making decisions on how to spend your free time.

2. Not participating in whatever you are interested in.

This is the time to purse activities that you love as a youth. Be it sports ,writing , fashion ,music, art, cooking, dancing – if you are interested in it, by all means don’t give up.

3. Not making more friends

This you will definitely regrets trust me. There are so many opportunities to make friends of all shapes and sizes in college. Put yourself out there just a tiny bit, you will meet a lot of people that share your interests, quirks and eating/drinking habits. Friends will make your time in college much more fun and memorable.

4. Not living in a dorm/ hostel in your 1st year/freshman year.

This is a must as a first year. Whether the hostels are amazing or not, living in a hotel is a classic college experience. You will meet so many new people, experience what college should be, hangout and get to know people going through the same thing you are. You will miss out a lot if you don’t live there.

5. Not taking more classes just for the fun of it.

This is the time to experiment but don’t forget you have a certain number of credit that you need to get to for you to graduate. You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to retake a class for missing too many classes or ruin your GPA

6. Not having enough fun.

College is when you learn to balance; books, friends relationship and having fun. Make sure to stay focused in your studies but don’t be afraid to be irresponsible once in w hope and go to that on a Monday night even if you have a quiz on 8 am the next day. Go to free events (hi cheap thrills) . It’s a lot better because you get to meet people rather than sitting in the hostel waiting for people to come to you. Nobody remembers that time they stayed in and watches Netflix buy everyone remembers that time they went to that crazy party or road trip.

7. Last but not least. Never interning.

Most students intern in third year before going to their final year to get so!e experience before graduating. This is a smart move and it’s even better if you can get more than one internship before you graduate. Interning with a company helps you gain skills and experience that will differentiate you from other graduates looking for jobs. It is a great way to build your resume.




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