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Sitting on that chair and his presence in the room was enough torture. This was the second time we were meeting, just to clear things and draw boundaries. None of the previous events would repeat itself we had agreed in this ‘little meeting’ but the erotic tension between us was immense. He gave me this sexual gaze that got me pressing my thighs against each other, Lord knows my lady part was burning with desire once again. I had to do something as soon as possible to avoid this rare kind of the male species realize how vulnerable I was in his presence. I excused myself as I walked towards the bathroom cursing my bloody self for getting turned on just from a normal gaze, no that gaze wasn’t normal.

I splashed some water on my face looking at the mirror to convince my guilty conscience whatever happened was just out of being ‘high’ after hitting blunts together and that it would never happen again. I wrapped myself in a towel getting ready to leave for school, normally id do my makeup and stuff in the bedroom but God forbid my erotic thoughts of him sneaking and resume our adventure was overwhelming. The door knob abruptly twisted and I realized I had overstayed in the bathroom so I responded, “will be right out in a few.” He didn’t say a thing he just came straight to the mirror where I was. My mouth agape still shocked no word came out.

He stood behind me so close I could feel his cock hard solid rock. A wicked smile formed in the corners of his lips, as if he read my mind, “yeah this is how hard you make me Ma’.” He whispered in my ear. Dropping my towel on the ground he caressed my hair going down my back at the same time rubbing his lips on my back, he pinned my hands on the sink and I submitted. He went for my boobs teasing one with his fingers as the other hand went down on my thighs almost to my cunt and then back. He turned me to face him then licked one of my now hard nipples gently one hand still roaming around my lower abdomen, my cunt itched even just for a touch, the word ‘please’ escaped from my mouth and with the same naughty smile he slid his fingers down my lady part gently stroking it “please this huh?” he said still putting on that smile. Wet! And he seemed to enjoy this. He made me bend hands on the sink as he went in me thrusting slowly picking up a rhythm and soon pounding fast and faster until I couldn’t take no more and as he slowed I cloaxed around his Member and him inside me.

Guilty as charged, we had done it again and there was no shade of regret and this was killing me. This kid whom I now saw the man in him was my boyfriend’s younger brother.

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