My Roof Leaks Sweat.
In confusion, I sit on the floor
My once new and classy floor mat
Shaggy with years of dusty feet
The rain outside torrents
But I hold on to my umbrella
Flashes of the past flood my mind
Her face,
Beautiful and flawless
Smooth and brown
I smile,
But a tear escapes my eye
Why she left becoming clear,
With every drop of the rain my roof Leaks sweat.

The once dustless picture frame
Stood where it always has
The table broken in half
The rain outside torrents
I drop the umbrella
Reality hits me
As it rains on me, the sweat I own.
My feet,
Dark and hairy
Dusty and rough
I mourn;
And I let that tear drop
Why she left becoming clearer
With every drop of the rain
As my roof leaks sweat.



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