Things took a turn so fast,
She had said yes
She was certain he was her last,
At least she believed that,
All was great at first,

She loved him with all her being,
He loved her, maybe
It didn’t show in his actions,
He had an explanation, always

She knew who he was
She hoped he would Change,,
She was attached,
Maybe she didn’t realize it
Deep down she was,

He was her man,
She felt deeply for him,,
He was handsome,
He knew his way around a girl,
How to make her forget things
And sing hallelujah,

“People change for those who they want to change for”
She was told that at least,
But she believed him,
Supported his dreams,
And trusted everything would work out,

They were incommunicado,,
Nobody cared for the other
Days turned into weeks
They knew the end had come,
It was inevitable,

No one wanted to be break the bad news,
It’s always easier to blame the other party,
“You wanted This” it’s always easier to say,

It all crumbled
All their hopes and dreams
All their plans for the future
All the love they had for each other

It all went down the drain




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