The following morning Jared woken up by the sweet aroma of well baked bacon that wafted his nostrils. Jared felt attracted and went ahead to Dama’s house to for breakfast and later continued with his daily routine. He together with Mohammed went to Mombasa Sports Club. Jared had started playing rugby in school and always went to the sports club to sharpen his skills but first he told his mother. At the sports club he met one of his fathers friend. They had a little chat before Jared got into the game. They played till three in the afternoon. Mohammed and Jared went to the library before starting the journey back home. He went straight to his mother’s place to help with his young brother’s homework and went straight to the other home. Here he found Junior, Dama’s half brother, getting ready to travel upcountry. He helped him get ready and saw him off. He quickly got back to the house and found food ready. Dama was in a Leso watching Storm Over Paradise. Jared got in the sofa and began eating his meal. Afterwards Dama began caressing him like before and frequently kissing him. Soon Dama was allover him. The lights were dim and the television volume was raised to the max. Now Jared’s blood started warming; his heart and that of Dama were in pace and they both romanced each other indiscriminately. Things went on and soon everyone of them submitted to each other. Later this would be a night Jared won’t forget. He lost innocence.



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