The Fotophreak Model of the Week

I stood in my sitting trying to grasp the enormity of what i had done and what awaited me if the truth were to come out .I walked back to the bedroom and stood at the door looking at Trace sleep ,this beauty has been a beast i thought but the truth was more than inevitable our friendship was dead and buried only time held it together and that too was fading ,fast.The idea of confessing and trying to end this confusion seemed to bring out all the fear in me I had let lust get in my way, control my life and cause imbalance .The pain in Shaney’s face crumbled my heart this betrayal would never be forgiven easily .

In case you missed the first episode, CLICK ME.

I dressed up collecting every idea I had in mind on how I was going to explain all this to Shaney. I smiled through my train of thoughts i couldn’t imagine that I am afraid of confronting my girlfriend , a woman me Mr Campus 2017 and captain of the American football team two years running .Love was a funny feeling but deep down I knew I was made to be with Shanice; she had turned me into a better man made me settle even when there was zero chances of me ever being a relationship .Fully dressed up I was ready to face judgement I walked out slowly and started on a journey which I wasn’t sure I would like to repeat .I was to meet Reagan my best friend and teammate ,thing is Reagan was older than me and I had learned to trust him fully throughout our sophomore years .”Hey man “He sounded cheerful. Contrary to what I except sympathy was not going to come my way any time soon. I got into details as to what I had gone through but the way seemed to be in thought made me stop talking and stare “What? You are supposed to listen you know and help out “Punching his shoulder in emphasis.”I don’t know how to help you man, you have put yourself in a place that only the truth can set you free with maximum damage expected.”
My mind was a blur the inevitable had come ,,,



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