Song Of The High Sea
The rising tides
On and off the shore
Making the best music
The tunes of wash and backwash upon a cliff
Remind me of a voyage
On my daily yatch
The voyage
The voyage is what remind me always of Mombasa
Though it was not the first voyage
It holds memories
It takes me back a decade
At the high cliffs of Tudor
Where I met my first crush
I had rowed my boat on the high seas
And the hour was wee
It was the new moon spring
The whales and dolphins all romancing the moon
Distant sailor sang in drunken voices
As the sea orchestra outshone them
I was overpowered by the
Sea music
Slept on the job
Its only when I saw the boat upside down that I knew I was drowning
The tides kissed the sky then caressed me
The blue army of the sea overpowered my dive and swimming ability
I gave in and closed my eyes
Only to wake up at the island of Pate
My destination
I was home
My rescuer was next to me
She was there half naked
Her silk hair all set
Her beauty like the sunshine
Her breast all erect
Stand still and untouched
Indeed I had never seen such a beauty
Her smile so intimate hang my heart at peak of the universe
Expressing the rhymes of the universe
She was still embarrassing me
So warmly and romantically
When she let loose
Alas she was half human
No legs but find
That curved a desire to wish she was human
She looked at me and asked
“Is Alexander the great alive or dead ”
I was shocked
She in midst of my shock asked
“Did you see more of my kind”
In between shock and surprise
I got courage to tell her
Alexandr the great only appears in books of history
That he was on earth like two centuries ago
And a kind was extinct if I was not wrong
Before one more word
She propelled her fin
Dived into the stormy sea
And she was no more
But before she scribbled her name on a cliff
She however never returned
To date I always spend night
At the creeks of Tudor
But to no vain
But my hope is still alive
I will one day meet her
Maybe if I kissed her
Like in the fairy tales
She would be transformed
So beasts of the sea
Help me in this search
Of my crush
The mermaid



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