Where do you go to church?”
I ask her as I try to rack my brains for a better vibe. As I wait for her reply I am thinking of my next lines. These flirts don’t lay themselves son.

“Sent Balls Catholic.”

“St. where now???” With a puzzled look . Few things rarely puzzle me. I am a man of constant face.

“St. Balls, kwani husikii poa?” She replies. She doesn’t use my rare puzzled face as clue that I want to hear Paul’s name in her sentence, not her weird fetish church. I put my face back in the chambers. I had wasted it.
Guess what? This is the crush í always tell my friends about
Since we first met at a place where its Name is hidden for now,

But now this is where mixed signals really apply
Í got pride she got accent,
Which probably seem to be with her forever,
Pride is forever pain is temporary,
Í don’t really like to date this type
She will Obviously talk when we will have a come together with my highschool friends and some Wont Just Let things go, comments Must flood.,
When she starts talking probably the accent wont be hidden…
Í got this three friends Richard, Ayisi and Musyoka
Richard Will ask without fear “Frank huyu ulimtoa wapi?”
Ayisi being the coolest Will Just support me by saying an ironic sentiment.. “Richard kanyagia hii story na ucheze chini ”
Musyoka will finally end the shameful moments by saying “Si poa wasee “?????
But that is not enough my mum once told me her grandchildren should speak fluent English and kiswahili this one automatically exclude girls with accent …
This is the worse and Most interesting part
AM already an Half cast of two complicated ethnic groups a Rendille Mother and Sámburu father
And she is probably an Half cast of a kalenjin and a Luhya
Í asked her sometime before when we were taking refreshments in a restaurant when was the Last time she came to town….
She said. “mimi nilikujako town juzi ” Obviously a Luhya from Brothermega (kakamega) will answer you this way without any fear
Í was praying this Day to end before we meet my friends cause í cant Maintain the heat of this kind of Shame
Obviously Richard wont change the parody when we will be having fun
Í didn’t want to give my friends the punchlines when time for kuchomeana comes ….
Deep in my heart í decided í have to Let this crush go..
This wont make me conclude that love is an illusion..

©Crazy kiddo



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