The Fotophreak Model of the Week

her moans ceased and I almost dropped her on the floor reaching for my towel hastily wrapping my torso .”You’ve had your last wish now can you leave me alone Please!!” Deep down I knew this was not going to end well. Shanice trusted Trace in her absence to be with me now I see war ahead. My life would turn for the worst in days .Trace came closer and lifted my chin our eyes met, a wicked grin covered her face “We’re not done here , not even close “she tried to kiss me but I moved away making her laugh harder .

I dropped my towel and pulled her back to me. I gripped her hair in a fist and kissed her hard, lunging my tongue into  her mouth making her squirm. I lifted her to the bedroom and lay her “If its sex she wants she will surely get “I  told myself. My heart raced and my mind was a mess .This was against every moral code I held but the idea of it sounded thrilling “Give it to me come on,,” She begged parting her legs and pushing my head down there. I wiggled my tongue savoring every moment . I slid my fingers and curled ,her feet stiffened and I knew she was close “You’re gonna regret this !”My conscience warned but I brushed it away. She sat on my lap and soon we were creating the perfect rhythm. Kissing her neck and massaging her back . I flipped us over and when we were comfortable I started out slow  “More please! more !” I  begun slow then pounding harder and faster  loving how her perfect breasts were moving up and down “You will never want any other man ,,ever” “Yes daaddy ” she cried and we climaxed together sweating and panting as I rolled over exhausted .She drifted off to sleep but I stared at the ceiling in deep thoughts.

Tracey’s phone dinged  but she couldn’t hear it so I got up and went to find it . It was on the table in the sitting room. I reached for it and opened ,a  message  from Lynn “The stakes just went up 8k if you can get us a video” I quickly typed “a video of what?””Tee don’t be a jerk a video of you in bed with you know who ,(wink emoji)”Hunh with who?”(Lynn)”Damn it !gal you bedding your bff Dylan or pictures if you can”. (Lynn) “Who wouldn’t love a piece of campus  sportsman  of the year in his second year (wink wink)Lawd he must have rounds of stamina for a threesome .We shud try it smetym (naughty emoji) .It hit me like a truck, Trace has been playing me all this while, my puzzle started falling in place, events started connecting one by one .Trace used me for a bet ?? sold   me  out for money ??,,,



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