“Dear society,
I have a woman’s body and I will not apologize for that, for the longest time I have tried living upto the expectations you had of how I should live my life, not anymore
I will not apologize for my thoughts, my friends, my body, my language, my choices, my hair, my words, my feelings, my actions, my problems, my ocd, the way I walk and talk, the way my eyebrows look when am angry!
There is strength in vulnerability
There is strength in pain
There is strength in emotion
There is strength in nudity
Here is to self care
Here is to self loveGiving to others, being empathetic, being selfless and always trying your damn best to be an amazing person (because good should never be enough! )
I rise to the challenge of being a woman, I rise to the pain of being a woman’, I rise to the beauty of being a woman, I rise to the magic that is being a woman,
I love being feminine
Wearing make up
Talking loud
Dressing up
Standing up for myself
Being opinionated
Having sex
Wearing lingerie
I love being a woman..
Whatever you are, I hope that you love it.
I hope that you embrace it,i hope you are fiercely and passionately in love with the parts of you that makes you who you are!!”

A woman’s body….

Love – Forever ivy



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