The Fotophreak Model of the Week

Of Kenyans and fashions? Hmmm, I am a love-hate seasoned Kenyan fashionista. Before 2018 goes too far however, I have heard a number of must-have hairstyles, seen a lot of fashion photography but yet to witness the she-conquerors in both make-up and dressing,,psssst!!(Thinking you are the all-time trendiest chic? Only if you tried the below kung’ara manenos with success)

Attention seeking oversized totebags
You most likely own an IPhone, designer perfume etc. stuffed in your tote bag, probably with Ankara details. You are now a modern girl with a bag that fits everything or anything. From your office files to upmarket makeup, an extra pair of heels and that tiny little red dress for an evening party. That oversized bag is always handy. To my sisters, however cute and spacious that kiondo looks, it will never be a tote bag!!!

Go vintage with flatforms
“Behold, cometh is a fairy maiden, thy curves floweth and beauty striking. She is the…”Not Shakespeare’s sonnet but “…she is the cutest shawtie you know”. Tell her flatforms are back, no more heals for the weekend. Every Nairobian chic will second that be it a chunky or strappy flatform, you can don them with any casual stuff and still be comfortable while being an envy of many female friends. Of ladies envying their friends? Story for another day but rock it shawtie!

Trendy kimono
Things in life often follow a certain pattern. Take an example of inventions names after their creators: Ford after Henry Ford. So possibly Ngara market was names after being a strategic market for clothes za kung’ara but kimono? I only know of a place in Western Kenya called Wamono. Designers from Wamono don’t take the credit though. So kimono revolutionized the wearing of trench coats. Picture a Kenyan lady in a kimono. The elegance and class. Be it a pencil skirt that hugs and accentuate your body nicely, or ripped denim trousers, you never go wrong with a kimono. Of Kenyan ladies and colors, whoa! Ok.,good news is you can wear any color but try shades of grey, beige or brown that can go with any outfit. Thank me later.

Handmade jewelry
Truth be told, I never go window-shopping for handmade jewelry. All I do is commute in a pimped matatu seated just by the door. Then? Ahem, then look at every hand hold the door rain and neck of every passenger boarding that nganya. More than 70% of ladies have either a handmade necklace or bracelet. Forget about the sunglasses worn with no relation to weather or time, focus on the handmade jewelry. Time to be snoopy. Where did you get your beaded jewelry? Must be an exchange for your mulika mwizi at that “soft loan and goods exchange” stall next to the supu baze. Lucky, your jewelry tells no tale.

Parting shot, I salute every Kenyan lady that looks good. Being your own designer is no joke. If only self-made super models were applauded like entrepreneurs, you would have topped. Bye…



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