The Fashion equals style and this so far has been what fashion couture has been able to achieve. Since its inception in 2016 with the able management of fashion killers 254, there has been growth as they try to create an art with emotions full of optimistic expressions of multiculturalism. There have been 4 successful editions with the 5th edition slated to be held in Tanzania.

These editions have been platforms through which industry players – fashion designers, models and artists have been able to showcase their work to fashion enthusiasts that attend these events.

In line with their vision of empowering the youth through fashion, Tanzania’s edition promises to be bigger and better since they have been able to sign up designers from all over East Africa. Those present will be treated to a cocktail of fashion styles from these different designers.

Kenyan fashion on display at the 4th edition of the Fashion Couture Affair
Kenyan fashion on display at the 4th edition of the Fashion Couture Affair. Photo: Courtesy

This edition just like the previous ones promises to set the pace for what’s trending in the fashion industry and where the industry is headed towards not only in East Africa but across the globe. It is also a platform through which upcoming fashion designers will be able to showcase their works.
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Fashion couture does not only offer competition amongst the designers but it is also a platform through which these same designers will and can learn from their peers or compatriots in the industry. All this is in their effort of creating cohesion and integration of the East Africa member states.

Participants of this event will also be able to interact and make connections with people from across the region plus sample the different East Africa cuisines as there shall be a diverse pool of vendors. Apart from their great sense in fashion, participants will be treated to an array of entertainment. There shall be music – dance competitions and poetry to entertain guests with winners walking away with different prices.

Fashion couture has consistently proven to be the only platform through which you get to sample, enjoy, appreciate, experience and fall in love not only just with fashion but the best that fashion has to offer all at once.

The Fashion Couture Affair have been at the frontline of promoting Kenyan Fashion since 2016
The Fashion Couture Affair have been at the frontline of promoting Kenyan Fashion since 2016

“We wish to welcome all of you to the 5th edition of fashion couture where there is a buffet of fashion in waiting for all who are going to be present. We would like to also thank all those that have stood with us throughout this time and also ask you to beĀ  part of our journey as we aim to go beyond our borders.” Intimated FCA director Byron in an exclusive interview with Fotophreak.

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