The clamor for high end fashion events in the East African region, continues to provide the much-needed competition for event organizers and fashionistas to add more flavor and glamour in their events.

Fashion designers at the fifth edition of the Fashion Couture Affair in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

As for the Fashion Couture Affair team, the 5th edition was not going to be your everyday type of fashion event right from the beginning. The fact that they were hosting it on foreign soil in the neighboring country in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania was already big news for the Kenyan Fashion industry.

Runway models at the Fashion Couture Affair 2019

The event, which happened on the 23rd of February 2019 was captioned by a Valentines theme which had just been celebrated worldwide a few days before. From the stage setting, the fashion designers, the models, the home and the travelling fans, the mood and ambiance of what is projected to become one of the biggest fashion events in the region in the next couple of years was all set.

The stage setting at the Fashion Couture Affair 2019 was on a whole new level

Kenya and Tanzania continue to enjoy relative peace, tranquility, good bilateral relations, cultural exchange and this time, on a whole new level something else was bringing the two lovebirds together; fashion.
Many fashion designers from Tanzania have showcased in Kenya before even on several other fashion events, but this time, the Fashion Couture Affair was a game changer because it literally brought the show to their doorstep.

Silas Omenda, one of the brains behind the FCA being interviewed on the sidelines of the 6th edition

The following fashion designers were lined up to showcase on this beautiful evening:
• Baghai classic fashion
• Kidato designs
• Africa By Linet
• Angel Hudson
• Levra with culture
• Rama D
• Mahamus Designs

A model showcasing one of the designs on the runway at the Fashion Couture Affair – Dar, Tanzania

The Fashion Couture Affair continues to position themselves strategically as one of the big names in the fashion business even as they continue to involve more players and rub shoulders with the status quo. The organizers of the event are also young men and women who inspire many youths of this generation to keep working hard on their passion and always strive to succeed despite the odds.

Many young people in Kenya and in Africa continue to be the force of change in society and especially in the fashion and modeling industry.
Many young people in Kenya and in Africa continue to be the force of change in society and especially in the fashion and modeling industry.

The Fashion Couture Affair has very much indeed raised the bar higher, in terms of penetration in the region and everyone will be looking forward to the 6th edition which will be held in the country later this year.

This was the first time the event was being held outside Kenya and the crowd was amazing.

In an exclusive interview with Fotophreak Magazine, the main organizers of the event; Byron Oreyo, Catherine Mumo and Silas Omenda expressed their thanksgiving and gratefulness for all the stakeholders who came on board to support them and made the event a success.

Many young people in Kenya and in Africa continue to be the force of change in society and especially in the fashion and modeling industry.

However, they also were keen to note the drawbacks and challenges that face entrepreneurs in the fashion business and especially looking at their journey from when they started and how far they have come. They also expressed optimism in Hon. Ambassador Amina Mohammed who was newly appointed as the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Art and Culture that she will carry the mantle with honor and deliver for the creatives in this industry. The event was being hosted by Miss Tanzania, the beautiful Diana Edward Loi.

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